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Our Best Answer I did not file taxes what documents do I need to turn in for verification?

If you or your parent did not file taxes you will need to complete a Statement of Non-Filer Form from our office as well as submit an IRS Non-Filer Verification Letter. If you worked but did not make enough to file taxes we will need the non-filer forms as well as a copy of your W-2 Forms. If you do not have your W-2 forms or you cannot get a duplicate from your employer you can get a Wage and Income transcript from the IRS. To do so please visit: If you are the parent and you have other sources of income such as SSI or SSDI please indicate this on the non-filer form. Please make sure to print the form and provide your hand-written signature. We do not accept electronic signatures. Please submit all requested verification items at once through our online contact form, by email,, or by fax, 812-856-2500.

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