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Our Best Answer When will I receive my financial aid?

Financial aid generally disburses to the student account 10 days before the start of the semester. For the fall semester most students will have their aid credit to the bursar in mid-August.     

Spring semester aid credits in early January. If your amount of financial aid exceeds the amount you owe your student account you will receive a ‘refund’ of the credit balance. The fastest way to receive a financial aid refund is to sign up for Direct Deposit at One.IU. If aid has not been disbursed to the bursar account, a few common reasons include;  

Are you enrolled in an overseas study course or attending another IU campus on a consortium?   

If so, your aid will be disbursed 10 days before your classes start. For example, if your overseas study program begins on the 28th your aid would be disbursed on the 18th.

Did you just recently enroll in the semester?

 It can take 2-3 days for your aid to disburse.

Are you enrolled full-time?

Some awards require full-time enrollment to disburse. Waitlisted courses aren’t counted as enrolled hours.

Have you checked your To Do List to make sure you don’t have any outstanding items that are preventing your aid from crediting?

If any of your checklist items on your To Do List are still in "initiated" status, this could prevent your financial aid from being disbursed. You should click on each of the initiated checklist items and take action as instructed.   

The best way to avoid delays with your financial aid is to stay informed about the process. Monitor your IU email account for information requests and details about important dates. Be sure to report any outside awards you are receiving as soon as possible so we can account for them in your overall financial aid package. Finally, monitor your ‘To-Do List’ in One.IU regularly throughout the year. Always respond to items on your ‘To-Do List’ as soon as possible.


If you are receiving a scholarship from IU it will be directly disbursed in your student account no sooner than ten days before classes begin. For more information, please visit the Office of Scholarships website.

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