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Our Best Answer How do students receive scholarships?

IU Selective Scholarships are competitive and are awarded to students based on high academic performance.  Academic performance will be assessed based on information provided through the IU Admissions application, including official test scores and high school transcript information.  Students are notified of IU Academic Scholarship awards with their initial mailing from the Office of  Admissions. 

We encourage you to explore the Office of Scholarships website. There are also opportunities for scholarships once you have been accepted into your specific school (Kelley School of Business, Jacobs School of Music, College of Arts and Sciences, etc.), but yet again, they are limited.

Beyond opportunities provided by Indiana University, we encourage you to look within your high schools, communities and national programs for external scholarships that can further assist in making college affordable for you. 

Ultimately, loans are often a tool that students and their parents have to use to pay for college. Loan options can be found on our website. While loans are a great option for some, it must be considered if this can be continued for all four years of attendance.

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