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Our Best Answer How do I set up a Third Party User?

Below are instructions for how a student can set up a 3rd Party User.

Students may also add or remove access to the information that a 3rd Party User can view, or change a 3rd Party User’s name, e-mail address, or password in One.IU.

1.  Go to One.IU

2.  Enter "third party user" in the search field 

3.  Click on the "Set Up 3rd Party Users" tab

4.  Read the FERPA disclosure agreement (only presented the first time you access the page).

5.  Click "I accept".

6. Provide a username, password, security question, date of birth, first and last names for your user.  

7. Click the boxes next to the information you would like your third party to have access to.

8. Enter the 3rd Party User’s email address; confirm the address by entering again.

9. Click "Save User".

This new payer will now show up on the "3rd Party Users" screen. You must provide the password to the user so s/he can use the unique login to access your account. Passwords are case sensitive and must be at least 15 characters, contain one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one non-letter. An e-mail message will be sent to the 3rd Party User containing the username you created. Usernames are not case sensitive. You will also need to create a security question and answer. Once the security question and answer have been set up, the third party user will be able to see (view only) the question and answer on their third party access page. 

To edit or delete a 3rd Party User, return to “Assign 3rd Party User Access” click the Edit box next to the payer for whom you wish to make a change.

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