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Our Best Answer Why have I not received my refund?

Refunds are processed automatically so you do not need to request a refund. The direct deposit process usually takes 2-4 business days from the date the refund was issued on your account. The deposit is made by your bank and the time involved varies by bank.  Always confirm the deposit before using the funds. Duo Mobile Registration is also required before you will be able to add or update direct deposit information. Updating your direct deposit information is completed through One.IU

If you have not updated your "LOCAL" address, you will not receive your refund.  Please update your address so that we may process your refund. You can update your local address in One.IU.

When you have set up direct deposit and added/updated your LOCAL address, please be sure to notify us so your refund can be processed. If your local address is updated and you still have not received your refund, please contact us.

Refund checks that must be printed and mailed are processed weekly and generally take 7-10 business days to reach the recipient.

If you receive a refund but still owe for other charges, you are responsible for payment of your balance due.  Also, if you receive a refund based on financial aid but then adjust your schedule, withdraw, or your aid is reduced for any other reason, you will be responsible for payment of your balance due.

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