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Our Best Answer How do I waitlist a class?

If you want to register for a class that has already reached maximum enrollment, you can sign up for the waitlist. Class openings are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, and given to students who still have availability in their course load (min/max hours) and course schedule (conflict of time). 

To waitlist a class you will need to follow the instructions listed below. Instructions are also listed on our Student Central website. 


1. Log on to One.IU

2. Enter Student Center in the search field

3. Choose the link for Register & Drop/Add

4. Choose the appropriate term

5. Choose Add

6.. Find your class using Class Search

7. Check the Waitlist? box


If you plan on dropping a class in which you’re already enrolled in order to get into the waitlisted course, enter that class number in the Drop if Enroll field by using the magnifying class. Then choose Enroll. If you plan to drop one of your current classes if you get into a waitlisted class, you should continue attending that class until your waitlist request is accepted or expires. You are still enrolled in that class until you are accepted from the waitlist.

If your waitlist request is successfully processed, you will be told your position on the waitlist. If there’s a problem with your request, you’ll receive an error message that explains why you cannot be waitlisted (schedule conflict, prerequisite, etc.).


Note that waitlist requests do expire. You can check out the Official Calendar to find this semester's waitlist expiration date.

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