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Our Best Answer How do I add drop if enrolled to a waitlisted course?

The Drop if Enroll feature allows students to specify a class they wish to drop if they are successfully placed in their waitlisted class. Drop if Enroll classes will show on the student's class schedule with a status of Enrolled, but will be listed in the Drop if Enroll column on the waitlisted class. 

The Student Center will not allow students to enroll in classes with time conflicts. If the waitlisted class overlaps with a class the student is already enrolled in, the waitlist will not place the student into the class without a corresponding Drop if Enroll for the conflicting class.

During waitlist processing, if a student is enrolled in a class that s/he intends to drop using the waitlist and Drop if Enroll tools, s/he should attend the class in which they are enrolled. If their schedule permits, they should attend the waitlisted class as well. If the waitlist request has not been satisfied by the end of waitlist processing, the student will remain in the original class for the semester.


Log on to One.IU

Enter Register Drop/Add in the search field

Click on Student Center

Choose Register  Drop/Add - then Add

Scroll to the bottom of the page to your waitlisted course

Click on the magnifying glass on the right hand side listed as "Drop if Enroll" and select the course you wish to drop if your waitlist is satisfied.


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