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Our Best Answer How do I use iGPS?

Listed below are the instructions on how to use iGPS. To access iGPS you will need to login to One.IU with your username and passphrase. 

  1. Select the “Academics” category in the drop down menu on the left
  2. Click the “iGPS Plan” icon or go to search bar and search for it
  3. Select term which you are registering for (EXAMPLE: Fall 2015)
  4. Select “Add a course to plan”  (Please let it finish spinning)
  5.  Add a planned course to from planner:
    1. In the search box enter: Course Department and Course Number (EXAMPLE: ENG-W 131)
  6. Select the box under “Actions” to add course to plan
  7. Click “Add” then Verify course is added to planner 
  8. Close box - Repeat till you have all classes in your planner and a few classes in back-up
  9. Select “Build Schedule”
  10. Verify you have selected all courses you wish to have in your schedule in the tab Filtered Courses
    1. If you have a specific section or sections (ie. Eng-W 131 Basic) for which you need to enroll, use the arrow on far right of that course. Uncheck the section(s) you are not allowed to enroll in.  Do this only for classes that require specific sections, utilizing this process for all courses will decrease your choices of schedules.
  11. Select the next tab Selected Classes and click on “Generate Schedules
  12. View Class Schedules
  13. Select the Schedule you prefer to send to your shopping cart by selecting the shopping cart icon. 
  14. Select “Update Cart”
  15. Note: Error message will appear at that time to identify an enrollment issues or repeat rules.
  16. Select “Go to Cart” 
  17. Select Term for Shopping Cart
  18. Students who are processing an initial enrollment will be asked to review the intervening pages for fees agreement, address updates and optional services.
  19. Select course for which you want to enroll within the shopping cart. Select enroll.
  20. Select “finish enrolling”
    1. If enrollment is successful you will receive a green checkmark, if there is an error you will receive a red X
  21. If you get a red X  read the reason why and continue from there (class is full, not met requisites, permission needed, etc.)

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