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Our Best Answer How do I change a grade?

In most cases, schools recognize an appeal process for grade changes. Grade change appeals should be resolved with the instructor who recorded the disputed grade. If you cannot resolve the matter with your instructor, seek out the chair or director of your department. You can read more about your school or program's specific appeal process by reviewing the official academic bulletin.

If you feel you’ve been graded unfairly or that you could do better in a class, you may have options for trying to raise your GPA. If you’ve taken a class and received a grade lower than an “A” you can retake the course to remove that grade from your GPA.To do so, talk to your advisor or visit your school’s records office. If you’re eligible, you’ll be advised to fill out an Extended-X (EX) petition form. Not all schools recognize the Extended-X Policy in the same manner, so make sure you investigate thoroughly before you make any plans.

You can apply for an Extended-X for a maximum of three courses or 10 credits, whichever comes first. You can only replace a grade for a given course once. You must complete, sign, and submit the EX petition prior to graduation. Read more about the Extended-X Policy on our website. 

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