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Our Best Answer How do I sign up for direct deposit?

You may sign up for direct deposit of your bursar refunds or update your direct deposit information on One.IU.  Follow the instructions listed below to add or update your direct deposit information. Keep in mind that before you will be able to add or update your direct deposit information you will need to complete the Duo Mobile Registration.
Accessing Direct Deposit with Duo:
1. Access Direct Deposit using the ‘Direct Deposit of Bursar Refunds’ task in One.IU.
2. You will be prompted to CAS authenticate.
3. You will be prompted to authenticate with Duo (If Duo is setup. If Duo is not setup, you will receive an ‘Access Denied’ message.)
To Complete Duo Mobile Registration (Enrolling a Smartphone or Tablet):
1. Go to the Duo Mobile Registration task in One.IU and click ‘Start’ to launch Duo.
2. Click ‘Set up Duo using a phone or mobile device’ on the Duo enrollment screen.
3. Make the appropriate selection:
  - To enroll a smartphone, select Mobile phone, and then click Continue. 
  - To enroll a tablet, select Tablet, and then click Continue.
4. If you're enrolling a smartphone, enter your device's phone number, verify that it's correct, and then click Continue. (Tablet users will skip this step automatically.)
5. Choose your device, and then select continue.
6. Use the instructions below to help install and activate Duo Mobile on your smartphone or tablet.


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