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Our Best Answer How do I get a copy of my transcript?

Current Students

Current students will need to order their official transcripts through One.IU by entering Official Transcript in the search field and following the ordering instructions.


Former Students

Former students can order their transcript by visiting the Indiana University Transcripts website. There, you will find the eTranscript service, the complete online transcript ordering service. The quickest way to receive your transcript, as a former student, is by ordering a PDF.


Recent Students

 As a recent student, you will need to log on to One.IU and enter “Transcript Request” in the search field. Once there, you will then click on the application listed as “eTranscript Request (Recent Students)”.


Please note: if you have a form that needs to be attached to your transcript, you must order using the Fax/Mail/Email Signature System. 


For more information, please visit the Indiana University Transcripts website. 

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